My little Family in Pictures

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As you may know I had been waiting on the arrival of our second little man “Peanut”. It is with much excitement that I introduce you to Bailey Christopher Otway. Bailey was born on the 18th April 2016 which in fact was our first Wedding Anniversary…

I will share my birth story/first few weeks of motherhood round 2 shortly. But today  wanted to share some very precious photos we had done to capture and celebrate our new family of four.

They always say that you learn so much after your first and it is true you realise what works and what doesn’t work as well as different things to look for. And let me tell you photos are no different. When we had Cooper I had no idea what I was meant to look for or what I wanted all I new was that I wanted newborn photos so I came across a baby photographer looked at the sample book of cute photos and was sold sign me up that was easy..  What I didn’t realise was that some photographers don’t give you the edited images as part of the package that is additional $$. Don’t get me wrong I think Coopers photos are cute. But the experience as a new mum going to a studio, trying to get bubs to lay in certain positions without shitting or peeing everywhere the whole thing was stressful. Once our photos were ready it came to light that we had to purchase through them  cost we didn’t realise. Anyway fast forward to baby number 2 and this mumma new EXACTLY what to look/ask for and I knew what I wanted. I wanted natural shots that were stress free and that captured us being us nothing staged or awkward. After some research I found a company that ticked all the boxes..

Let me introduce The Wild Things, Loren was amazing and for someone who also had just had a bubba she made the time to come and capture our little family so perfectly and did I mention it was STRESS FREE. We just went about our business with some guidance of course.. The end result was PRICELESS not only doing we have beautiful family pictures but we have precious moments/pictures of both our beautiful boys. Loren was able to capture our love for each other, delicate pictures of Bailey as well as Coopers cheeky smile.

The best thing all our beautiful pictures were delivered to us on a beautiful little thumb drive for us to print at our leisure. If you are ever looking for someone to capture your precious moments then I suggest dropping Loren a line you won’t be disappointed.

The results speak for themselves xxx

The Wild Things


Dear 2015

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Dear 2015,
What a year you have been!! You have been a year of such raw emotion…
I started the year with a 60km walk to help end woman’s cancer on behalf of Lisa that challenged me both mentally and physically..
The first four months of the year saw us celebrate the festives and lead up to one of the most magical days of our lives. Our wedding!!! It was more then I could have ever imagined and saying I do between the laughs and the tears was the best moment ever!! We jetted off to Bali to spend 8 nights in pure bliss celebrating our honeymoon , Brendan’s 30th and a beautiful friends wedding !! We were in such a loved filled bubble..

On our return you quickly popped our loved filled bubble and we came crashing down to the reality of having to say good bye to one of the most amazing strong willed and determined women we knew.What followed that was a journey of a different kind of raw emotion what got us through was not only the love and support Brendan and I have for each other but also our little man his smile and passion for life and ability to sense when a hug or kiss is needed has been precious. We know that he can still see Lisa as every now and then he will go to the fridge and point to Lisa’s picture and say nan nan as much as it break our heart it also fills it!!


Memories to last a lifetime


Pictures say 1000 words

We have had many magical moments with our little man over the year and we were blessed to find out that we would be adding to our pack in April next year!! You saw me cross a bucket list item off my list when I surprised Brendan with a trip to the MCG for the AFL grand final. I took on full time work in a challenging environment with a toddler and being pregnant and I survived and better still at the end of it I loved it!! We finished the year off on a high with a bestie getting engaged and Cooper having the most incredible Christmas.

2016 we are without a doubt ready to see what you have installed for us. We know it is going to be an amazing year and a new chapter especially when our family of three become four I’m excited to see the love Cooper will develop for his new little brother.. 2016 you are about us as a family and also about paying it forward I am looking forward to consciously being a better person to those around me and doing my bit of random acts of kindness to bring joy to those around me and in need.

2016 we are ready for you!!!

Much Love

Sammie xx