Dear 2016

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Dear 2016,

Here we are again. Honestly it seems way too soon, it felt like yesterday that I was hot and heavily pregnant in January.. Yet now I am here sitting on the couch with two little men sound asleep..

You have been a great year, we found ourselves celebrating our first wedding anniversary with the arrival of our Little man Bailey and at that moment we officially became a family of four.. For the first 10 days I felt like I had this 2 kid parenting down pat. However it is obvious you had other ideas and you have tested every part of me in this parenting gig this year.. I have cried more times then I would like to remember and have been exhausted beyond belief.. (I now completly understand why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture).

Over the past 12 months Cooper has transformed from my little baby into a beautiful little boy with the worlds best smile. We welcomed the year with Cooper transitioning into a big boy bed and we finish the year with him out of nappies (for the most part) I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has installed for my little guy..

Bailey has had a tough gig the past 8 months but I have a really good feeling that we are in for a better year on the health front and I am so excited for this.. However, no matter what you have thrown at him as of late he always manages to put a smile on his face and everyone’s around him.

As a family we shared our first family holiday together at a farm stay and we loved it and the memories we create. We started to declutter our lives at the end of this year and it has been the best thing we have done. We can’t wait to continue this journey in 2017.

This year was about us as a family and I think we did pretty bloody good. However like all things there is room for improvement. I also said that I wanted to consciously be a better person and pay it forward when I can and I honestly think as a family we did really well and I want to continue being that better person and continue to pay it forward when I can.

My birthday this year really topped of an amazing year and just excites me about the experiences we are going to experience in 2017..
2017 will see me turn 30 and I am excited about the milestone..

Brendan and I have decided that in 2017 we want to live a simple and less is more kind of lifestyle and we are starting the year off with finishing decluttering our house of things we don’t really need, to date I would say we have said goodbye to at least 300 pieces and it feels amazing… We are going to focus less on material things and spend more time on making memories through travel, family time and just being in the moment..

So2016 Thank you.. Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you for gifting us with another beautiful little boy who lights up our life. Thank you for allowing us to live the life we live. Thank you for testing me.

THANK YOU 2016 for the memories both good and bad..

2017 I say welcome I can’t wait to get to know you and everything you have installed for this crazy family of four..


One thought on “Dear 2016

  1. Thank you young lady for your inspiring and enlightening stories. You and your boys bring joy to my heart. Memories of Motherhood gone by. Thank you for taking us all along on your journey and keeping it real.


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