I’ve found my FIT at Pilates Fit Perth

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As you know I recently wrote about how I had lost my sparkle. My motivation levels were way below zero and my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof. I didn’t like living with me so I can only imagine how Brendan and the boys must of been feeling.

I started discussing with Brendan that I was thinking about starting Pilates again as I used to do it years ago and it always seemed to keep me balanced but with work, kids and life I dropped it and I was really starting to feel the effects.

We all know how amazing the universe can be and I think within 24hrs I was contacted by Pilates Fit Perth to come and try out their studios in hope that I would like to blog  about my experience  (As I only ever want to blog about things I LOVE not because someone tells me to). SO naturally I jumped at the chance this was my lifeline to try and re ignite the spark by myself.

I have often driven passed their studios and thought “hmm I should probably give them ago” but to be honest I was a pilates snob and only ever liked doing one on one pilates or pilates through a physio. BUT SHUT THE FRONT DOOR I should have tried these guys out YEARS ago. For one I would have lived at their pregnancy pilates classes which I can guarantee would have helped with all my pelvic issues I had with Bailey. I’m that keen that it may just give me the slightest thought that maybe just maybe I could go through another pregnancy.. (shhh don’t tell Brendan). So with Pregnancy pilates off the table I set out to try TRX, Reformer, Boxilates and Cardio30. AND guess what there are STILL other classes I have not tried out yet but they are certainly on my to do list..

So what did I think?


Chantele and Cam have an amazing timetable on offer that is carefully planned with a balance of strength, cardio and pilates. Honestly you could easily throw away your gym membership and base your training around these classes. I figured that I would give TRX a go as my first class I thought “hey I’ve used one of these before in circuit training this will be my JAM its only 30minutes ” HOLY MOLY did this class test every ounce of strength I had both physically and mentally. I think I was two exercises in and thought wow we must be nearly at the end of the session I looked up and it had only been five minutes, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. BUT GUESS WHAT I survived and I was instantly hooked and as a result tonight I finished my 4th TRX class and already I am seeing massive improvements in my strength.

Reformer how I have MISSED you. For those that have never heard of it, it is Pilates using a reformer machine and I absolutely LOVE it. It is an hour of me time majority of the time laying down exercising (who doesn’t love that). I get to focus on my breathing and just slowing down which is exactly what this mamma needed. The beauty about reformers is that it is spring loaded to your ability so it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional athlete it can be simply changed to suit all abilities..

Boxilates  was completely foreign to me and due to the Coogee studio just opening I was the only one to attend the class and guess what not a problem at all it meant a one on one session for me in boxilates. This class consists of a mixture of boxercise sets and mat pilates  gets the heart pumping thats for sure. Definitely a class for those wanting to up their cardio sessions. I will be a regular participant to this class.

Cardio30 to be completely honest I was drawn to this class purely by the fact that it is cardio whilst laying down. But let me tell you don’t let that fool you into thinking its a stroll in the park, it is tough. This involves the reformer and a trampoline add on and it gets your heart pumping and legs burning. This is another one of their 30 minute classes which usually is either before or after the TRX class and I can highly recommend for a complete workout pairing these two together. You will feel the burn but the satisfaction is 10/10.

Guys if you think these classes are for chicks only think again they will test you physically and mentally. They even offer Mens reformer classes which I am sure would be an absolute hoot.

Staff and Service 

I think its the teacher in me but to me this is a game changer if I get terrible customer service I 9/10 won’t go back simple. These guys are on their A GAME when it comes to service. Owners Chantele and Cam have established a very well oiled machine, everyone is treated and greeted like they are apart of the family you feel like you belong wether its your first class or your 100th class you are made to feel loved and important. Chantelle is the Zen queen and no matter how many times you ask the same question she remains so calm and poised. ( I could learn a thing or two to try and be more Zen with my children). But don’t let Chantele’s zen trick you into thinking her classes will be breezy they are full of tough love with a double shot of tough.

Cam is honestly not what you expect, and I mean that in the best way possible. He is a blokes bloke, a guy that our husbands can relate to, have a beer with.  I can just imagine how fun mens reformer must be, to be a fly on the wall in those classes.. I am actually eagerly waiting for when I can go and catch one of his TRX classes as I know they will be epic .

Every instructor I have had has been incredible and extremely helpful especially when it came to first goes I had no idea what to do but they guided me through the entire thing so I didn’t feel like a fish out of water…

So what are my overall thoughts… AMAZING AMAZING

Not only have I seen results physically but mentally this has been a game changer. It allows me to have something that I can go to child free. I don’t need to worry about whether I packed enough nappies or if my kids are going feral in the creche (like i do when i go to the gym) because all I take when I leave the house is my handbag and pilate socks. An hour of pure me time and time to focus on my breathing.. But if kid free isn’t an option for you they do offer mums and kids classes so you don’t miss out.

I loved it that much that I signed up for a 12 month membership of reformer and infusion classes.

With the recent opening of their Coogee studio they had an opening special that really shouldn’t be missed and they have extended the sale until 21st of December so get in quick. Specials can be found here.

If you need some encouragement or are a little hesitant to head in alone give me a holler and I will come and train with you at your first class as long as you promise not to laugh at me.

Pilates Fit Perth now have two locations

Cockburn and now Coogee and you are more then welcome to go between studios.

They can also be found on Facebook here so don’t forget to check in when you visit

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