F U Numbers 


I just want to say a big F U to the numbers that we see when we jump on the scales and in my case to the numbers that showed up on my body scan yesterday morning..

I recently joined a new gym because they had a crèche, as I was finding it impossible to train with a stage 5 clinger of a 5 month old..

Just after I joined a couple of PTs were promoting a 28 day challenge that was about to begin. I decided why not and with a couple of old school friends we decided to join the challenge to work off our mum bods.

The next four weeks had us training 5 times which included 2 sessions a week with a trainer. We were lucky and had another mamma join our group who was our inspiration as she is on her own weight loss journey and to date has lost over 70kgs!!!!

We trained friggen hard our trainer Torie pushed us further then we ever thought possible (there was never time for chit chat during our sessions it was all work work) We LOVED it..

I ate according to the program and trained according to the program. I was determined to see a massive change in my body scan results.

I also decided that I would get Brendan to take weekly photos, hoping that I would see a difference that would keep me going.

Every week I was excited to have my pic taken as I was noticeably seeing a difference which was the motivation I needed to keep going..

I was hoping to not have to share my progress pics as I was hoping my scan results would speak for them selves but guess what they didn’t fuckin move.. My body fat % actually went up according to yesterday’s results!!! So here is what my progress actually looked like..

As you can tell there is a definite change.. But was a disappointed yesterday absolutely but after some time I decided that I for hell wasn’t going to let some numbers ruin my motivation and determination!!!

There are so many reasons that scan could have pulled those numbers

1. The sheer lack of sleep I am getting. I walked in to that scan with a total of 2 hrs of broken sleep from the night before after a rough night with Bailey.

2. Maybe I moved or did something while standing getting my scan.

3. Maybe it’s the fact that the time of the month was just around the corner and my body has decided to have a hormone party putting  everything out..

But honestly at the end of the day who gives a Fuck what happened or why it happened it happened but my photos are proof enough that I have had a dramatic change in body shape alone in just 4 weeks…

Hello I rocked out a new pair of jeans last night that were a whole size smaller then my last..

However the main thing is that I feel 1000 times better for the training I am putting in and for the healthy eating.. I am also feeling so much stronger then I ever have.. The training has also kept my anxiety levels at bay and as a result my kids and husband have had a very chilled out mum and wife as a result!!

So to all you ladies that have been working hard and seeing no change in numbers I say #fuckthenumbers. Take photos if you want to physically see the changes otherwise just go off how you feel because that is 1000 times more important that what a number is going to tell you!!!

Do I recommend the 28 day program.. Heck yes I do both Brad and Torie have been incredible over the past 28 days.. Plus training with Torie is inspiration in itself her transformation over the years is very impressive (yes I stalked her Insta page 🙊)

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