What do you mean I’m not entitled to sick leave?????

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Be a stay at home they said?

It will be fun they said?

Yeah it will until the day you get hit with the flu… That’s when it will suck big time!!!

We all know that being a mum is a 24/7 job that just does not end!! We have our days when we think we are completely nailing this parenthood gig, but then we have days when rocking in the corner sucking your thumb seems like the only thing you can manage.. But then bedtime comes around and you just marvel at the amazing creations you have and think ahhhh being a mum is the best job ever!!!!

We all know that lack of sleep, constantly being on the run and running on empty are a few of the skills that can be found on the mum job description… However what it doesn’t say is when you mix all those fun skills together you lower your immune system and suddenly become a prime target for the flu!!! Aghhhh

Obviously I have had a huge target on my back and with a few near misses I thought I had escaped the full fledged flu… But by gosh was I wrong it hit me fair between the eyes somewhere between going to bed and waking up this morning!!!

Now if I wasn’t on maternity leave and still working I would have simply searched for my phone early this morning and called them up to say that I wouldn’t be in. Once that was sorted I would have blissfully turned over and gone back to sleep to possibly sleep the day away.  Aghhhh a mum can dream!!!

That dream bubble quickly popped around 2am this morning when Bailey woke for his night feed and reality came crashing down… I DONT HAVE SICK LEAVE.. I can’t possibly just lay in bed in the foetal position all day while I ring my bell for hot chocolate and medicine… Timing usually sucks when I get sick and today was no different Brendan had a business meeting in Bunbury which meant he couldn’t pick up the load and have a day “off” as such from work… Luckily for us Coopers Daycare centre is amazing and Brendan was able to give them a buzz this morning and they were more then happy for Coop to head in to school for the day. Phew thank goodness I could not possibly have kept two children and myself alive and functioning today.

So I am a toddler down but still 100% responsible for our 4 month old who just doesn’t seem to understand the concept movies in bed!!! Trying to function is hard enough let alone trying to function whilst not passing on any germs to my little one… I am constantly fighting the urge to cough or sneeze whilst feeding or cuddling my little man.. My head is currently just one big snot party and I feel far from pretty hahah… And just as Bailey doses off in my arms for his 20 minute crap nap I get the ulmighty urge to cough up a lung and BAM Bailey is bright eyed and horrified about the noise he just heard!!!

Let’s just say if Bailey doesn’t get sick in the next few days it is going to be a god dam miracle!!! But until then hand santitizer is currently my best friend and stuck to me like glue…

Let’s just say when the day comes and both my kids are at school and I call in sick for work I am just going to enjoy that day a little more whilst laying in the foetal position guilt free.. Until then I’m going to just try and master the  sick mummy role as best as I can!!!
Much love one very snotty nosed mum

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