The shed every mum HATES

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The one thing I LOVED about pregnancy was the thick healthy hair I got to enjoy.. Fast forward to 3 months post pregnancy and I feel more like an American Eskimo dog in the peak of shedding season, it is the WORST..

I’m a plumbers nightmare as once again my drains are trying to work overtime but are currently feeling like fatty arteries that don’t have much room to move… My hair is everywhere I turn, nothing is spared my shedding hair; the couch, bed, car.. You name it my hair is there!!!!

Poor Bailey has to fight the shedding hair on a daily basis.. If I had a dollar for every time I had to remove strains of hair from his clenched fists, off his face and clothes I would be the fastest growing millionaire!!! It’s horrible…

Now I know it is apart of the cycle and that during pregnancy you tend to hold onto the general hair you would usually shed so when it comes to post baby the shed is bad!!! Like all things pregnancy related some mums are worse then others, there are always the lucky ones that don’t notice it as much… Let me tell you once again I am not one of the lucky ones. I am in fact probably one of the worst!!!

Washing my hair has become a nightmare I dread, the sheer amount of hair that ends up in my hands and on the shower floor stresses me out every time…
As a result I am now the owner of a couple of noticeable bald patches/extreme thinning which makes me SUPER self conscious… I can’t wear my hair too high and pulled back as HELLO PATCHY!!

I know it’s all to do with hormones and that once everything is back on track my hair should start to grow back but it does suck and I know before I get my hair back I will have to deal with the initial growth of little whispy fluffy bits that are sure to do my head in just as bad!!!

Aghhhh the joys!!

What have you found that helps with the post pregnancy hair loss? 

Are you one of the lucky ones or are you like me and shed like crazy?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! 



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