HOLY MOLY: Nothing like having a shower facing a mirror to bring you back to reality!!!!

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Soft, squishy, frumpy are a few words that come to mind when I think of my current post baby body. Now before you all try and make me feel better by saying don’t be silly you look great, let me tell you clothes make a HUGE difference. I was only telling a girlfriend the other day how much I LOVE my vest as it hides my squishy tummy!!!

Lets be honest clothed I look fine no supermodel but I cant expect a miracle.. I’m not someone that you would think should lay off the burgers for the sake of my health but i am definitely not someone you look at and think fuck she needs to eat Maccas either I’m just plodding along.

I dont know if it is motivation or a slap in the face but I have had several popular instagramers have babies around the same time as me and due to their AMAZING genetics and being one of the VERY FEW who look like they never were pregnant. To them I say good on you sister they look incredible and to all the trolls out there that constantly troll their pages if my body was as banging as theirs I would so be posting pictures of me holding Bailey in my crop tops and bathers as well. Besides having freakish genetics these girls work really hard for their bodies and eat super clean. ANNNND thats me out I have been SUPER relaxed in my eating since having Bailey (who am I kidding since falling pregnant) and my exercise routine that I had blissfully organised in my head quickly went out the window never to be seen again. I had this vision that this mum would be back at the gym at LEAST 3 times a week from 6 weeks post partum HAH what drugs was I smoking!!! I think I managed to step foot in the gym 8 weeks post baby and have managed to ONLY go once a week to my pt session. So unless my trainer is a miracle worker my once a week sessions aren’t going to be shifting this excess weight anytime soon especially since I’m still smashing the deserts bar…

SO I was doing no junk July but that quickly went out the window on Friday night when I ended up in hospital with Bailey. I was laying on the bed in ED with my sick little man waiting to be admitted to the ward and Brendan asked if I wanted something to eat considering I hadn’t eaten dinner, I was starving and stressed so I jumped at the opportunity for some junk!!!! GOOD BYE NO JUNK JULY!!!

To be honest I am in a rut, I am a tired stressed out mum who at the moment is just trying to make it through the day. So self care and healthy living is pretty much non existent.
So what do I do when I feel crap? I eat crap; and by crap I don’t mean I eat Ice-cream all day everyday but my usual healthy eating choices are not appealing to my taste buds lets me honest after an all nighter with a crying baby who really wants to eat salad for lunch bring me the CARBS and by carbs I mean pasta or rice!! and dinner well lets just throw in some more CARBS so i had pasta for lunch no worries I will have curry for dinner.. At times I actually feel “carbed” out but then time and lazyness gets to me and I think agggh Fuck it we will just have pasta for dinner…


Well reality hit me smack bang in the face yesterday. I went to have a shower in our hospital room and wow is all I can say!! Who in their right mind thinks its a good idea to position the shower directly in front of the mirror!!!! There was no hiding from it and I felt shit about it!!! Yes I have just kinda recently had a baby and I need to be kind to myself but I am going to put it out there I hate my post baby body and I am not ashamed to say it. Im bigger in all areas flabbier then I would like y thighs wow my thighs they have a postcode of their own!!! to top it all off I just feel GROSS!! I feel that 1st time round your body is more forgiving and things go back pretty well take my boobs for example after Cooper and breastfeeding they went back pretty well. 2nd time round completely different story!!! Its like my body has said fuck it I’m done!!!


Pretty much sums up my bodies response

If I was eating well and moving well I would feel a lot better about the process but the truth is I’m not and that is what frustrates me more!! It is my own doing and I am the only one that is going to be able to shift it..

So I have decided to take action!!! After I had Cooper I signed up to a friends body transformation program and it was THE BEST thing I ever did. Over the years I have tried everything, from gimmick programs to supplements and shakes I even signed up to my fair share of online fitness programs. Nothing worked because I was never made accountable for what I was doing. But this one is designed for you and only you; for example I don’t drink milk no problem I will only be given options around food I do eat, and the best part I need to check in via text msg everyday this makes me ACCOUNTABLE!! Don’t get me wrong in reality I know what I need to do but I also need the kick up the arse to get me back on track and this is perfect..


My results when I did the program in 2014

Teamed up with my weekly pt sessions at the gym plus fingers crossed some extra sessions including my favourite TRX sessions I will be starting to feel like the old me fresh and energised to take back my mojo. I am also very keen to get in some weekly yoga/meditation to work on my mental health which in turn will benefit not only myself but those around me. Mental health is just as important as physical health if not more.

I will document my progress the ups and the downs along the way. BUT I will get my mojo back and I cant WAIT…
Bring on 1st of August when the program officially kicks off and fingers crossed things at home will be a little more settled…

Until then I will be sure to avoid showering in front of any mirrors 🙂

My 8 week transformation is through Roberta at Pb Training

I do all my training through Chris at 5th Element

2 thoughts on “HOLY MOLY: Nothing like having a shower facing a mirror to bring you back to reality!!!!

  1. Stop being hard on yourself. Not only do you have a baby with reflux and loves to sleep on his mummy all the time you will look back on this in say 10 years time and realise wtf. ….. i wasnt as big as i what I thought and if only my boys were little so i can cuddle them like when they were little. Enjoy every moment NOW. Love you sam
    … mum xxxx


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