My Pregnancy Reality

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Im going to be honest straight out I don’t enjoy pregnancy some women LOVE it and I take my hats off to them because I sure has hell don’t. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of having a precious little baby grow inside me and I enjoy feeling peanut kick most of the time but when you tend to carry breech babies I can assure you the kicking can be more painful then enjoyable. Only last night I was laying in bed telling Brendan that peanut is kicking so low I’m surprised I don’t see a foot!!!!

Like a lot of other woman I have always had body image issues ( But thats for another day). However as much as I have come leaps and bounds pregnancy ALWAYS throws a spanner in the works and it seems to raise its ugly head. I love to feel fit and healthy and training is my thing, and yes I train while I am pregnant. But it sure as hell isn’t the same and everything seems like a massive struggle and don’t get me started on the recovery time, I usually need a nap or at least a lay down during the day if I have trained in the morning!!!

When I fell pregnant with Cooper I was incredibly fit (agggh those were the days) I really struggled with the way my body changed over the pregnancy and I always thought I was MASSIVE looking at pictures now I was crazy. Here are 2 pictures of me the first I was 6 months pregnant with Cooper and the 2nd is of me pregnant now with peanut maybe a week apart but roughly 6 months… Look at the difference!!!! Im convinced I must be giving birth to an elephant this time round..

The thing that really does my head in is how people feel it is ok to give me their opinions on my baby bump. Where in the social etiquette book does it say that once a woman is pregnant all etiquette rules regarding weight and appearance go out the door. Why is it now ok for people to share their opinions with me ‘wow your big” my favourite is “wow you mustn’t have long to go” and the look on their face when I say “well actually I’m not due till April” is a look of pity and shock followed by are you sure your not having twins!!!! YES IM SURE geez you look like you have gained a few extra kgs over the year but hey its not ok for me to judge you on your appearance so why tell me!!!

Don’t get me started on Instagram, it is my best and worst enemy and I know I am not alone on this one. Girls even if you aren’t or haven’t been pregnant you will be able to relate, Instagram is full of out of this world banging bodies and we are all culprits of one time or another looking at a “fitspo” picture and thinking yes that’s my new goal.. Well let me assure you pregnancy is no different. Have you seen some of the pictures of pregnant woman HOLY MOLY if I looked that good pregnant I would have 10 children and I would walk around in my bikinis 24/7 the reality is I don’t, far from it.. Im not a glamorous pregnant chick Im a puffy uncomfortable sweating pig (slightly dramatic but hey come see me on a 40 degree day and I’m not to far off the mark) my hands feet and face puff up during pregnancy I wasn’t blessed with the glamours pregnancy gene THANKS MUM!!!
Don’t get me wrong Brendan tells me I look beautiful all the time glowing in fact (little does he know its probably just the sweat smeared over my face but hey I’ll take it). I am learning to embrace my new pregnancy look and at times I really do love my bump (hey who doesn’t love a portable carry table it makes eating a dream) I find a tan always lifts my spirits and I don’t feel so fugly. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a shallow person and think life is based on looks; Trust me if you see me at the supermarket you will be lucky to see me with my hair done, and make up, please thats a rarity for me. But its natural for women to want to look some what pretty or presentable and when you are growing from all angles at a rapid rate it is bound to play on your mind.

But pregnant mummas lets take the time to embrace the new “look” and its sure ok to say your not a fan its not for everybody but the gift at the end is priceless and being pregnant in its self is a precious gift. Lets all work on not worrying what others say and don’t compare we need to trust our bodies are doing what they need to do. Personally I think peanut may just like his space so his built himself a spacious bachelor pad in there.. And to the rest of the world maybe lay off the opinions tell us we look great, even if we don’t believe you its a hell of a lot better then hearing how big you think we are…


Peanut and I at the beach 27th Dec 2015

Much love from this pregnant mumma


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